Rice Krispies Snack Mix

Rice Krispies treats

Warning, this is super addicting stuff right here!  On one of my recent road trips, I saw a Rice Krispies “Crunch Mix” in a gas station. “Duh, I can totally make this,” I thought. It’s so easy!

The best thing about this Rice Krispies snack mix is that you can add whatever you want! I think this is an easy-to-do gift or snack for any party. What are your favorite snack mixes?

Start by making a batch of Rice Krispies treats. I followed the original recipe from Rice Krispies. I added some sprinkles to my batter, which ended up making them a little pink in color; I loved it!

Rice Krispies treats

Let the Rice Krispies cool and set; then cut them into squares. I let mine sit for about 30 minutes. I took the squares and cut them into even smaller pieces and rolled them into tiny bite-sized balls.

Rice Krispies treats

Then you add the good stuff. I added Flipz white chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms, chocolate covered almonds, and mini Teddy Grahams. The mini Teddy Grahams were so stinking cute!

I wanted to make some red chocolate covered pretzels for the snack mix too. I can’t seem to get enough chocolate covered pretzels these days! These are very easy to make. You will need:

½ Bag of candy melts

1 tbsp Crisco

2 C Pretzels

Wax Paper

  •  In a microwave safe bowl, combine your candy melts and Crisco. Melt for 30 seconds and stir. Microwave for another 20-30 seconds and stir until well melted.
  • Pour 1 cup of pretzels into your chocolate a stir. Use a toothpick or folk to pick your pretzels out, and lightly tap on the side of the bowl remove excess chocolate.
  • Set on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and allow to cool.
  • Repeat with a second cup of pretzels.

Combine all your ingredients together and dig in! I will tell you though that it is dangerous to leave an open bag of this laying around!



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