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Best of Beyond Frosting 2016

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It’s always nice to look back on the top posts I create each year. On average, I post 2 new recipes a week which is about 100 recipes. Some weeks there are more and some there are less. Just think about that and then think about all the butter, sugar, flour, eggs and powdered sugar I have gone through; I’m a regular at Target. 2016 was the year of No-Bake Treats! After last year’s marathon to the finish, I can say I enjoyed the holiday season FAR more this year and I am making up for all of last year’s lost sleep.

The best recipes from Beyond Frosting in 2016

It was really great to see a lot of last year’s (2015) posts in my top performing recipes again this year. It’s nice to know we share a love for poke cakes. Below I’ve rounded up the top 10 recipes that I posted in 2016. There’s a LOT of cake, chocolate and Oreos. I’ve always known we had a lot in common.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and celebrated the love ones who couldn’t be with us and I wish you a happy and healthy 2017.

#10: Coconut Custard Cake

Layers of Coconut Cake with Coconut Custard and Coconut Frosting. Seriously heaven.

Baked from scratch, this Coconut Custard Cake is layers of coconut cake, with a coconut custard filling and finished with a cream cheese icing.

#9: Chocolate Stout Cake 

Layers of chocolate stout cake with a rich chocolate frosting.

Make sure you have a big glass of milk with this rich Chocolate Stout Cake.

#8: Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake

This is a recipe I shared over at Better Homes and Gardens but it continues to be popular! The Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake is topped with a Bailey’s Whipped Cream!

Loaded Chocolate Bailey's Cheesecake. This recipe is a keeper! It's spiked with Bailey's Irish cream in the cheesecake. It's even topped with a Bailey's Whipped Cream.

#7: Lemon Raspberry Poke Cake

The perfect combination of sweet lemon cake and tart raspberry filling.

This Lemon Raspberry Poke Cake is an easy lemon cake soaked in sweetened condensed milk, with a fresh raspberry sauce and topped with whipped cream.

#6: Chocolate Oreo Icebox Cake

Chocolate overload with this chocolate Oreo filling, graham crackers and plenty of whipped cream.

Cut yourself a big slice of this Chocolate Oreo Icebox Cake! The layers of chocolate Oreo mousse, chocolate graham crackers and whipped cream. Be sure to through a handful of Oreos and hot fudge sauce on top. Grab the recipe at

#5: Oreo Dirt Poke Cake

A recent addition to my poke cake obsession, this doesn’t disappoint. The chocolate cake is soaked in hot fudge and topped with a Chocolate Oreo Dirt.

A fudgy chocolate cake drizzled with a layer of fudge sauce and topped with an Oreo chocolate mousse. This Oreo “dirt” cake is top notch.

#4: Circus Animal Cookie Cake 

It doesn’t get more fun than this Circus Animal Cake. Wait till you see the inside!

If you like Circus Animal Cookies, you will love this cake! It’s an easy vanilla tye dye cake, vanilla buttercream and Circus Animal cookies. It’s covered in a pink chocolate ganache and sprinkles.

#3: Ultimate Oreo Poke Cake

I am seeing a trend here. Do you guys like Oreos?

If you love chocolate and you love Oreos, you will LOVE this Ultimate Oreo Poke Cake. The chocolate cake is loaded with Oreos, it's soaked in chocolate pudding and topped with an Oreo whipped cream.

#2: No-Bake Fruity Pebble Cheesecake

I made this concoction after seeing something similar on a menu in LA. It doesn’t disappoint!

This No-Bake Fruity Pebbles Cheesecake is fun, festive and full of fruity flavors. The no-bake cheesecake filling is loaded with Fruity Pebbles on a Nilla Wafer crust.

and the top recipe I made is 2016 is…….

#1: Chocolate Mudslide Cake

Okay I get it, you guys like cake, chocolate cake at that and Oreos. Stand by for more in 2017.

This Chocolate Mudslide Cake is what dreams are made of. The decadent chocolate cake is baked with Kahlua, and frosted with a Kahlua chocolate buttercream. It’s finished with a Bailey’s spiked chocolate ganache. This is one recipe you’ll be craving for weeks.

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  1. DinaHaines

    Yummy!!1 I loved it. I love cakes and I enjoy making them. I usually make by myself cakes for my kid’s birthday celebration parties.

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