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Foodie Finds- Ghirardelli Outlet!

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Sometimes road trips are insanely long but prove to be exciting and fun when you stumble upon unknown gems in the middle of nowhere. Last weekend, I drove to Lake Tahoe for a snowboard trip; it was at least 10 hours each way. Randomly, while driving home on Interstate 5, my boyfriend suddenly spotted a Ghirardelli outlet and Ice Cream Shop. It went a little something like this:

“Hey look at that!”

“Can we stop?” I shrieked. As if he was going to say no. I mean, are you not going to get a brownie ice cream sundae? Come on! He’s the best.

We pulled quick u-turn and 2 minutes later I was aw-struck by the tantalizing smell of chocolate as we walked through the front door.

“OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed as my boyfriend laughed.

The store was filled with Valentines day chocolates, gift baskets, various flavors of individual chocolate squares (many flavors of which I hadn’t seen before),  chocolate chips, syrups, cocoa mixes and so much more. Of course, I had to pick up a few things. I mean its an outlet for pete’s sake!

I was pretty excited about this 2.5 lb bar of melting chocolate!

Excuse my creepy smile

They also had a full ice cream bar with the most impressive menu!

First of all, the mint chocolate chip looked like it was to die for, and it’s also my favorite flavor. The Earthquake is family sized sundae with eight scoops of ice cream and eight toppings finished with bananas, whipped cream, almonds, chocolate chips and cherries. I mean, its no Vermonster, but I wouldn’t turn it down! There were so many sundaes, it was hard to choose. Warm cookie or warm brownie? Chocolate ice cream or vanillla or espresso chip?  Milk hot fudge or dark?

We ended our visit with a Warm Brownie Sundae: two scoops of vanilla ice cream with a warm double chocolate brownie, smothered in milk chocolate hot fudge sauce and whipped cream. My boyfriend even gave me the first bite!


We hopped back in the car for the last 5 ½ hours of the trip. I was left dreaming about the recipes in my new Ghirardelli cookbook (an early Valentines day gift for me!)

Now that’s a giant sundae!

Lastly, I am going to share my loot with you, because I think I didn’t go too overboard and I am very proud of myself!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be posting a Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake recipe from my new cookbook!

This book crushes!

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  1. The Seaside Baker

    OMG I seriously just googled it to get directions. Only 6 hours away….humm. How were the prices?

    1. beyondfrosting

      Hi there! At the time they had a lot of deals of holiday close outs, lots of peppermint bark. They had a ton of gift packs and Valentines day stuff. I bought a lot of baking items which were Reasonable discounts. I did buy a lot of chocolate chips at $3 a bag but came to find that my local target is $2.50!!

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