FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer System Review

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I have always been curious about vacuum sealer systems for quite some time. I myself am a “food saver”; I freeze what I can and I hate throwing food away. Believe me, I defineitely got that from my mom.  My boyfriend on the other hand is more of a fresh food person. So I try to find a happy medium where I can take advantage of food that is on sale or buying in bulk. Since we are a two person household, we are limited on what foods we can bring home from bulk stores before they expire.

When FoodSaver approached me to review their product, the Vacuum Sealer V4800 series, I was so excited to try it out. FoodSaver says you can keep foods fresh up to 5x longer than with bags and containers and it is the market leader in vacuum sealer home appliances. As I have been baking more and more for my blog, I would really like to find a way to store my ingredients and desserts, and ultimately, reduce wasted food. A lot of times, I try to save my left over cake or cupcakes (pre-frosted) and freeze it for cake pops or some other type of dessert. After less than a month in the freezer, the cake crumbs are totally freezer burned and unattractive, so I end up throwing it away. So I am excited to see how this turns out.

FoodSaver product review

In full disclosure, I am the type of person who opens up a new appliance, forgets the instructions and goes to work. Well that is really impossible to do with the FoodSaver, as it is a very versatile appliance and a little more complex. I took the time to read the materials properly. Did you know there are certain foods that cannot be vacuum packed such as soft cheese, broccoli, mushrooms and garlic? I was slightly overwhelmed at first,  and it took a little trial and error or me to figure out the best way to use it. There are plenty of options as to what type of bags you can use based on the foods you want to store.

FoodSaver did provide a very detailed guide as to the proper ways to vacuum seal different foods. For instance, if you freeze your fruit and veggies before you vacuum seal them, it will prevent them from crushing. Now, the machine was a little louder than I expected. In all fairness, I did not know what to expect with this type of machine. It first has to suck the air from the bag and then heat seal it. There is one attachment that is used to suck the air out of the  zipper bags, which is super easy to use and I think ultimately, what I appreciated the most for quick use. This attachment is meant to be used with the zipper bags or canisters. I am really interested to try a FoodSaver canister, which is better for backed goods to prevent them from crushing. I did slightly crush my Oreos.

FoodSaver product review

Food Saver sent me a wide variety of bags, so I tried to take the time to see what ones were used best and where. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the perforated single serving bags. They are perfect for smoothie making. I took two bananas, cut them into pieces and froze for two hours. I filled each bag with one banana each, vacuum and heat sealed both bags at the same time. Now, I can pull them out one at a time for my smoothies. In the past when I tired to freeze bananas for smoothies, they totally froze together and turned brown. I wish I had this earlier in the summer, I would have totally froze more fresh fruits.

FoodSaver product review

The best part about most of the Food Saver bags is that they can all but cut to dimensions needed, even the single serving bags!  They come in rolls, which fit conveniently inside the machine. There is a cutting mechanism so you can cut the different types of bags to your desired size.

FoodSaver product review

There are several types of bags I received.

  • Portion Pouch roll- which you can make as long as you want
  • 11” Expandable pleated heat-seal roll, which I can cut to fit and fit extra large items
  • 11” Heat sealed roll bags, which fit most foods and can be cut to fit any size
  • Liquid block heat sealed bags for juicy or marinated items
  • Quart size, pre-cut heat sealed bags- in case you don’t want to use them yourself
  • Quart sized Vacuum Zipper Bags- which are reusable, depending on the food that is contained inside the bag
  •  Gallon sized Vacuum Zipper bags- which are reusable, depending on the food that is contained inside the bag

FoodSaver product review

So I vacuum sealed and froze a few different types of items so I can pull them back out of the freezer in a few weeks and see the results! Stayed tuned for the next review. FoodSaver is looking for fans that want to share the love of saving food and money! Visit their Facebook page to find out more about the Sunday Saver program and how you participate and start saving money!  You can also visit their website for more information about FoodSaver products.

FoodSaver product review

Disclaimer: FoodSaver sent me this product for review but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Kathy

    These are really great tips. This really helped me use my vacuum sealer in a better way. I couldnt figure out what exactly to use it for until reading your blog! Thanks!

  2. Arina

    For me I always think vacuum sealer is really helpful in the kitchen. I have one, brand Foodsaver and thinking about buy it for my mother’s birthday. Thank you for sharing information!

  3. Jessy

    Hi Beyond !
    Very nice description and layout of this product. I can think of quite a few of your tasty creations you can “save” for when I visit.

  4. Kelyn

    My parents got us a Food Saver for Christmas last year and this is perhaps one of the best gifts we’ve received. I have been saving and freezing food items regularly now and it has helped with our food bill, budget, and stopping waste. Since it’s just the two of us sometimes it’s hard to keep food fresh. The Food Saver helps with all this.

  5. Tomas

    I am using this all the time! We are saving so much money with this! We can buy meat in bulk, and keep it fresher in the freezer! Recommend this to anyone!

  6. Jine

    When you want to buy a new tool for your kitchen, vacuum sealer comes first in the list if you haven’t it.
    This is one of the best and most essential kitchen tools in the modern days.

  7. Kavin

    I actually really like the idea of preparing healthy food in bulk, then vacuum sealing them to put in the freezer for later! I’ve been trying to improve my eating habits lately, so that could actually really work well for me! Getting a vacuum sealer is something I’ve been thinking of doing anyway, so that gives me the perfect reason to finally go out and buy one!

  8. Sealer

    I’ve been using a vacuum sealer for about 6 months now and they are a great gadget to have, saved me money and keeps my food fresh for longer!

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