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Monthly Mixer- 2014 in Review

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Wow I can’t believe I am sitting here writing my monthly mixer for December! December always flys by no matter how much you try and slow down to enjoy it. There is so much to get done, parties to attend and certainly lots and lots of baking!

This December was REALLY exciting for me! In the beginning of the month, I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchens for the Ultimate Baking Challenge Final Four baking competition. I won’t rehash it all, because I wrote a detailed post about my trip already, which you can read HERE. After another round of voting, I found out that I actually won!! I was over the moon with excitement and so thankful to my family and friends and you, the readers, who supported me through it! It is quite an honor! This is my Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake with a Champagne Glaze.

Cranberry Orange bundt cake with champagne glaze with a slice removed
Image Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens
BHG_baking challenge

Instead of talking about what I did just this month, I figured I would look back at some of the highlights for 2014. Be sure to check out my Most Popular Recipes of 2014. I am so glad that you guys like sugar as much as I do.

Outside baking, I have just been snowboarding, and I know that is not what you are here to read about! Although I will tell you that after chipping my front tooth while snowboarding on Christmas Eve last year, I was happy to have both front teeth for this Christmas! Also I am happy to know it won’t fall out (again) on Valentine’s day this year. I welcomed a new front tooth in 2014. TMI?

Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014

This year has been a huge growth year for my blog. I celebrated my two year blogiversary in October. About 6 months after starting my blog, I realized how much I loved it and wanted to go full steam ahead to build my blog. I can say that I could never have imagined that I would accomplish everything I did this year.

At the beginning of 2014, I set goals for myself, numbers to obtain on social media, things I wanted to accomplish and general “do better” goals. I blew my social media goals out of the water! It’s silly to think that we have goals about increasing social media following, but it’s a part of the business side of blogging. More importantly, it’s another way I can connect to my readers. It seems that most readers are too shy to leave comments on my recipes, but they might leave a comment on my Facebook or Instagram and that’s pretty awesome. March 10th I celebrated 10,000 Facebook fans. I am ending the year just over 27,000. Pretty amazing!

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.52.51 PM

I built new relationships with brands that I really enjoy working with and I have been featured in a number of different places this year! As my blog continues to grow, it continues to open new doors. I only hope that in 2015 I can continue to grow and learn from my fellow bloggers.

The blogging community is powerful, talented and best of all, supportive. I have met the most incredible ladies this year through all the traveling I did. I’ve built friendships, shared some tears and best of all, made memories. Blogging may seem like a job for one person, but let me tell you, it takes an army behind you to support it. Plus, no one complains when you take out your phone to snap a picture of your food before you eat it. #forreal

I didn’t realize how much blog related travel I did this year until I started looking back through my Instagram. I’ve been to some pretty cool places!

It started in February when I traveled to Utah to the BYBC conference. Of course I got to sneek in a couple days of snowboarding with my family first! It was at the BYBC conference that I first met my BBF (best blogging friend) Lindsay. We instantly clicked as if we had known each other for years. This is the perfect small (and affordable!) conference to attend. Also, because of the Waffle Love Food truck. Just saying.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.48.49 PM

April was a super busy month. I found out that King Arthur Flour was hosting an event in LA as part of their Bake For Good Tour. I spent the weekend with a group of awesome food bloggers that I had never met before. We learned to make pies and breads from the KAF experts and had the opportunity to give back to our community by cooking a feast for a local homeless shelter. It was quite the experience and certainly one that I will not forget.

Four food bloggers taking photos of a lattice-top pie
Three food bloggers in a soup kitchen

The following weekend I drove to Temecula for the Big Traveling Potluck. This conference was unlike any event I have attended. I don’t even like calling it a conference because it was nothing like that at all. It was more about community than anything else. There was lots of story telling as well as a couple of workshops with photography and writing. It was a gorgeous setting and amazing food. On top of that, I won a free year of Sabra products! I even stayed later for a 3 hour crash course in video, which was very valuable! I had to break out of my shell because I knew hardly anyone there so it was a great growing opportunity for me.

Scenic vista at Temecula
Three food bloggers atop the scenic vista at Temecula

Before I knew it, I was flying to Miami for BlogHer Food. I have to say that this was one of my favorite trips of the year. I roomed with Lindsay and we had such a fantastic time eating our way through the city and trying to stay dry from the tornado that just so happened to be passing through. There was so much that happened in Miami, you will have to read about it all HERE. I left with a whole new group of friends. I love being able to meet different bloggers and put a face to a name. It makes every trip worth it!

Collage of foods from trip to Miami

In the fall, I was invited to attend the Iowa Corn Quest Tour in Des Moines. At the time, I thought I would never have the chance to go back to Iowa. We learned all about farming corn and the farming community. We even got a chance to visit the Iowa Speedway and take a couple of fast laps in the pace car. I would love for you to read more about my Corn Quest tour HERE.

Food bloggers posing in front of a corn harvester
Food bloggers peeking out of corn stalks in a field

Since I was already in Iowa, I decided to stay for the Better Homes and Gardens Cooking Experience. It was the first time they were opening their doors to the public. It was a one day event packed with food demonstrations, hands on tips and techniques and lots of good food! The group of ladies that happened to be there were amazing, and most of them I did not know. We had such a great time together and I am really glad I decided at the last minute to stay!

A presentation table at the BHG cooking experience

On the personal side, I had another wonderful year with my boyfriend. We celebrated our third anniversary in September with an 18 hour trip to Las Vegas. We flew in for a concert (The Strokes), had the most amazing meal ever, went to concert, I won some money and before you know it, we were back at work. I surprised him this Christmas with a trip to Tahoe and we are leaving next week! He is turning 30 in February and kinda freaking out about it. So this will be a good way for us to celebrate his last month in his twenties.

The Las Vegas skyline
I had new head shots taken this year and I am in love with this one!

We spent a week at our favorite summer vacation spot, Bass Lake. This year was extra special because I brought a friend of mine along for a few days. My boyfriend’s dad spent the day taking us through Yosemite. We did a short hike up the Mist trail but the views were incredible! Both my friend and I were going through some pretty stressful times, so it was a much needed breath of fresh air trying to unplug and have some fun!

Two friends posing in front of a waterfall at Bass Lake
Bass Lake at sunset

For Thanksgiving, we attended my family’s annual ski trip to Colorado. It was one of the best early season ski trips I have ever had. This year our trip was a little more intimate as some of my friends in the area have moved and my brother’s college friends were not sprawled out on the floor in our living room. It was quite relaxing. I wrote all about it here!

Selfie of four friends with ski helmets and goggles

There is already so much to look forward to in 2015. Before I know it, I will be headed to Florida for Food Blog Forum which takes place in Disney World. I’ve got friends who are engaged and set to be married, and I have two weddings to cater. I better get some rest while I still can!

Thanks for tagging along on my journey this year. It’s because of you that I continue to put my blood, sweat and tears into this blog. Ok, not really blood, because yuck, but definitely sweat and plenty of tears. Cheers to the end of 2014! I will be kicking off 2015 with a very personal story in a couple of days and I am pretty nervous to share it. So we will just see how that goes.

 Here’s some more photos from my year!

Selfie of author and family members
My Mom uprooted herself from Vermont and moved to Colorado! It’s so nice to have here closer. Plus my brother and his girlfriend are only an hour away!
Author at a gun safety class
We took private lessons about gun safety and learned how to shoot. Gun safety is important even if you don’t own a gun!
For a second year in a row, I participated in the Let’s Bake a Difference for the Cancer Support Community. It’s a public cupcake tasting event and I won’t 2nd place for best tasting in the amateur division!
One of the team riders (for the company I work at) won the Slope style event at the olympics. My boyfriend made the gloves that Sage is wearing. #famous
Outdoor long dining table set with plates and flowers down the middle
I attended the most gorgeous Farm to Table Summer Solstice party with a couple of the gals I meet at the Bake For Good Tour! Photo by Ari of Amen Photography
I had a lot of recipe fails.
I had a lot of recipe fails.

 That’s it, that’s all.

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5 Responses
  1. Elizabeth

    I’m a huge fan of your blog!!!! I’m looking forward to a wonderful and delicious 2015 with you!!! Happy healthy new year!!

  2. D Dell

    Again, I always open your posts when hungry. Drooling! What a great year and so much fun, travel, love and baking! I look forward to what 2015 has in store. Now I must go find something sweet to eat!!! Happy New Year Jules!

  3. Annie @Maebells

    Wow!! You had a huge year! 2015 will be the first year that I get to go to some blogging conferences and this makes me SO excited!

  4. Lindsay @ Life, Love and Sugar

    I love it! You had so many awesome things happen this year – probably the best was meeting me. 😉 I mean, I’m partial. It was probably my fave. 🙂 But for real – the BHG thing is the icing on the cake to an awesome year. You have totally earned it! And I feel Dell on the whole 30 thing. I’m officially old now and he’ll soon join me. 🙁 One thing I hope happens in 2015 – you + Dell = engaged. Just sayin’.

  5. Carol G

    Thank you in so many ways for finding your Blog. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer so much this holiday, thank you. I love your recipes. Best of 2015 to you.

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