Chocolate Cakes

If chocolate is your weakness, these chocolate cake recipes will be your kryptonite. They’re rich, fudgy, decadent and delicious. There are tons of amazing ways to make chocolate cake! Discover them all here.

Chocolate goes well with so many other flavors; you can pair it with almost anything you want! For a sweet berry-surprise, I love mixing together this Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Swiss meringue buttercream frosting. You can even garnish it with chocolate covered strawberries!

Chocolate cakes can be basic, or they can be totally decadent masterpieces; both are delicious! For the former, recipes like this Buttermilk Chocolate Cake are simplicity at its finest. On the other hand, cakes like this Chocolate Mudslide Cake are designed to wow the eye and the tastebuds!

To all the chocolate lovers out there: I know you’ll love these chocolate-packed cakes!

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