banana nut MUFFINS

You'll love these moist and fluffy banana nut muffins! Enjoy these banana muffins with walnuts as a simple breakfast idea on the go or a snack recipe!

Mashed Bananas  Vegetable Oil Unsalted Butter Large Eggs Milk Granulated Sugar All-purpose Flour Cinnamon Chopped Walnuts

Key Ingredients:

What makes these muffins so good?

- Both oil and butter make a moist and flavorful muffin. - Cinnamon compliments the bananas and add spice. - Cinnamon compliments the bananas and adds spice.


Mash the bananas first.


Combine the wet ingredients, and add sugar.


Combine the dry ingredients next, then mix them with the wet ingredients.


Fill the liners 3/4 full for taller muffins. And bake.

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