drip cake

Easy Chocolate

This Easy Chocolate Drip Cake is everything you want in a chocolate dessert! From the chocolate frosting to the chocolate ganache, this homemade chocolate cake is a dessert to impress!

Sour Cream Brewed Coffee Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Key Ingredients:

What is a Drip Cake? Spread with rich ganache over the top then dripped down the sides, this easy chocolate cake is fancy-looking!


It was SO moist and delicious!! All the guests went on and on about the cake tasting so good and it being the best they’ve ever had!


Start by making the chocolate cake. Fill 3 8-inch pans and bake. 


Make the chocolate frosting next. First, whip the butter until light and smooth for the best frosting consistency.


Alternate layers of cake and frosting. Pour ganache over top.

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