From the pastel-colored batter to the frosting, these Rainbow Cupcakes are a fun baking idea! They're the perfect cupcake for a birthday, baby shower or a spring-themed party.  These are a vanilla cupcake with vanilla flavored buttercream.

A few tips for the best cupcakes: - Use gel colors for the best, most vibrant colors - Start with just a little bit of gel color and add more as needed - Use cold butter and heavy whipping cream when making the frosting.


First, make the cupcake batter in 6 different colors.


Drop some of each colored batter into the liners and bake.


Prepare and color the frosting in 6 different colors


To make the swirled frosting, pipe each color into plastic wrap and place in a piping bag. 


Now, it's time to decorate the cupcakes!

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