Strawberry Mascarpone CAKE

You'll love this dreamy vanilla cake! Paired with a delectable strawberry filling and mascarpone whipped cream, this layer cake is irresistible. Prepare to fall in love after your first bite!


"I love this recipe so much, I made it for myself on my birthday. The mascarpone frosting is TDF and perfect with this moist cake."

Oil Sour Cream Milk Strawberries Lemon Juice Mascarpone Cheese Heavy Whipping Cream

Key Ingredients:

My Best Tips:

 - Generously grease and flour the baking pans to easily remove the cakes. - Use bake-even strips to keep the cake edges from browning quickly. - Use the mascarpone frosting right away.


Make the strawberry filling and cool completely. 


Prepare and cool the cake layer. Then, prepare the Mascarpone frosting. 


When assembling, pipe a border around the cake to hold the filling.  


 Add a crumb coat then frost and decorate.

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