turtle pie

An easy, almost-no-bake pie! With a combo of caramel, chocolate, pecan, and an Oreo crust, this homemade turtle pie recipe is the BEST.

What is a Turtle Candy?

Made with pecans and caramel then dipped in chocolate, this candy is not only delicious but also looks like a turtle!

Key Ingredients for Turtle Pie

Cream Cheese Dark Chocolate White Chocolate  Pecans Caramel Sauce Oreos

This pie uses both melted white and dark chocolate. Use a high chocolate bar for the best flavor and melting.

Recipe Tip!


Prepare and bake the crust.


Melt the chocolate until smooth. Then cool.


Beat the cream cheese and sugar until smooth.


Add the caramel, chocolate and whipped cream. 


Fill the pie crust and chill.


Make the ganache topping and add to chilled pie.


Top with whipped cream and pecans.

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