Cream Pie

Easy Chocolate

This Chocolate Cream Pie is so rich and decadent, it's almost a sin! It’s made without egg yolks and without gelatin, you'll love this easy pie recipe.

Why You'll Love It! - Only 7 basic ingredients for the pudding.  - Melted chocolate gives it a deep, rich chocolate flavor

Cocoa Powder Whole Milk Dark Chocolate Bar Unsalted Butter

Key Ingredients:

Tips for Succes: - Use a high-quality dark chocolate bar. - Strain the pudding. - Cover the pudding with plastic wrap as it's cooling.


Prepare the pie crust first and let it cool.


Make the chocolate pudding next.


Assemble and add the toppings before serving.


"This is undoubtedly the best Chocolate Cream Pie I have ever tasted."

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