red velvet cupcakes

If you want desserts to make at home, whip up these easy Red Velvet Cupcakes! Topped with the best cream cheese frosting. They taste better than the bakery!

What is the flavor of red velvet and what makes it red? A little bit of cocoa gives it a hint of chocolate vibes. Its reaction with buttermilk and vinegar gives the cake a light reddish-brown color in the absence of food dye.

-Buttermilk -Vinegar -Natural Cocoa Powder

Key Ingredients:

Tips for dying the batter: Use a gel color or no-taste red gel for a brighter color without having to over color it.


Make the batter. Mix oil, butter, eggs, and vanilla. Then add in sugar.


Add sour cream, vinegar, buttermilk, and red gel color.


Combine and add the dry ingredients. Then, divide the batter into cupcake pans.


Bake, cool, and frost.


"First time making red velvet from scratch and these didn’t disappoint!! Super moist and tasty!"

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