how to zest a LEMON

Thanks to this tutorial, you'll learn 3 of the best ways to zest a lemon so you can add a bright flavor to lots of easy desserts, muffins or breads.

What is lemon zest?

Lemon zest is the outside, yellow layer of the fruit. Lemon zest bring the best lemon flavor to desserts. It also makes a great topping or finishing touch to other dishes.

Using a zester: Hold the zester against a flat surface at an angle. The lemon should be beneath it, with the curved portion of the zester facing upward.

Using a vegetable peeler (or sharp knife):

1. Press the peeler (or knife) against the side of the lemon you're holding in one hand.  2. Finely chop the lemon zest.

Using a cheese grater: 

1. Place the grater over a bowl with the teeth side up. 2. Move the lemon over the teeth.

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