Frequently Asked Questions

Your recipes call for unsalted butter, can I use salted butter?

99% of the time you can use salted butter instead. For cookie or cake recipes, if you are using salted butter, you might consider halving the amount of salt that is called for in the recipe.

For frosting recipes, I do not recommend using salted butter, especially if the recipe calls for 3 or more sticks of butter. I find this results in a frosting that is TOO salty. Never use salted butter for a Swiss Meringue Buttercream, you will NOT like the results!

What can I substitute for sour cream?

You’ll notice a lot of my cake recipes call for sour cream. While I usually do not recommend omitting it, the best suitable substitution is Greek Yogurt. I also use LIGHT sour cream, so therefore I would use a fat-free Greek Yogurt.

If you live outside the US and you’d like to convert my recipes to metric measurements, below you’ll find the website that I use.

I don’t like cake mix, can you recommend an alternative? 

A lot of my old recipe call for cake mix, and while I understand some of you don’t prefer cake mix, there is still a lot of you that do bake with them! I would recommend my Moist Vanilla Cake Recipe, and substituting the extracts etc that might be called for in the specific recipe.

Am I supposed to remove the filling from my Oreos?

No. All of my recipes use the FULL cookie, filling and all.

Do I have to use a springform pan?

Most of my no-bake recipes and cheesecakes call for a springform pan. In most instances, a 9-inch square pan can be used, but it should be at least 3 inches tall, as a lot of my desserts are tall.

Can this recipe be made into cupcakes?

Each recipe will vary based on the ingredients, but in most cases, my cake recipes can be made into cupcakes. I suggest leaving a comment on the individual recipe and I will reply or send me an email.

Can I use milk instead of buttermilk?

In most cases, milk can be substituted for buttermilk. However, if you have a question about a specific recipe, I suggest you leave a comment on that recipe or send me an email. If you don’t have buttermilk on hand, you can make your own buttermilk.

Is it safe to eat raw flour? Why do your recipes call for raw flour or cake mix?

In recent years, some e coli outbreaks have been traced back to raw flour. Therefore, new recommendations from flour companies suggest to heat treat (cook) the flour before consuming it. I am not a scientist or a doctor, so I cannot tell you what to do. Here is my tutoroial for  heat treated flour.

How do you make whipped cream? Can I use Cool Whip instead? OR I don’t like Cool Whip, can I use whipped cream instead. 

In a majority of my recipes, Cool Whip can be used instead of homemade whipped cream or vice versa. Instead of Cool Whip, you can substitute homemade whipped cream. I have a whole post that talks about Tips and & Tricks for homemade whipped cream.