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Brownies and Bars

There’s nothing better than an easy brownie recipe, is there? Whether you like your brownies cakey or fudgy, classic or loaded with add-ins, odds are good that I have the perfect recipe for you. I even have Homemade Brookies that are seriously the best of both worlds!

We’re a tad brownie-obsessed in this house, as you can see from the 50+ ideas to choose from below! I’m always looking for fun and tasty new ways to make delicious dessert bars. I recommend these Classic Fudgy Brownies or these decadent 7-Layer Bars to start, and the sky’s the limit.

Brownies are perfect for parties and potlucks, or to enjoy at home with a scoop of ice cream in a brownie sundae. Have your glasses of milk at the ready, and get baking.

The Latest Brownie Recipes & Dessert Bars

I’m always looking for fun new ways to make the best brownies and bars. I just love how simple these kinds of desserts are. Here are my latest ways to make these classic homemade desserts.