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Beyond Frosting wouldn’t be what it is without chronicling my lifestyle and travel experiences. Who says that making great desserts don’t go hand-in-hand with an amazing life? Not me, that’s for sure! My love for all things sweet fills the pages of my life. What are the other pages filled with? An abundance of travel, adventure, family, and snowboarding! But also, great food.

When I am not in the kitchen or jotting down the latest recipe to share with you, you can be sure that I am spending time with the hubby, our new little one, or am near a snowy mountain somewhere. These things, and a perfect cheesecake, bring me joy. My life truly inspires my desserts.

The past few years have been filled with so many great adventures. You can read about my trip to Wilton, come along with me on the Indulge conference, and also join me on the Santa Barbara Foodie Escape. I also share mine and my hubbies marriage and pregnancy journey. And yes, there will be plenty of ice cream and fabulous wedding tips along the way!

I love writing about my lifestyle and travel adventures because it gives me the chance to share some of my favorite dining recommendations, photoshoot tips, and vacation musts with you. You’re even guaranteed to find a giveaway here and there tucked into the pages of my blog. Come along with me as I craft delicious treats, give you my best tips and tricks, and enjoy some of the sweetest things life has to offer.

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