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25 Gifts for Baker’s under $25

This list of 25 Gifts for your favorite baker under $25. This list of Christmas gifts for bakers is PACKED with ideas, stocking stuffers for bakers and more. All items under $25.

I love gift giving. Seriously, I am always looking for things to share with my friends. Since I started blogging, I started sending more baked goods instead of gifts. I find that my friends love a tin of fresh cookies too!

Do you have friends or family that loves to bake? Are you looking for a few small stocking stuffers for Christmas? I’ve got you covered! While I have already gathered my favorite baking tools, I have specifically narrowed this list down for you.  Below you will find 25 gifts for baker under $25 . It’s true, each item I list below is something that I own in my kitchen!

25 gifts for Bakers under $25

Just for fun

  • I definitely have given out plenty of copies of my cookbook No-Bake Treats! It’s 80 recipes that don’t require an oven. And if you wanna know more before your purchase, you can read more about my cookbook here.
  • Sprinkles! These are a bit of a luxury item, as I only buy them for special occasions, but I love buying fanicy sprinkles from Sweetapolita andShop Sweets & Treats. They also have my favorite grease-free cupcake liners
  • Pie server- “I am just here for dessert” these are so fun!

Everyday Kitchen Utensils

  • I can’t live without my Silpat Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat. At first I wasn’t really a believer until I purchased some myself. Now, I wouldn’t ever bake without them. Now they are also making them in 8-inch and 9-inch rounds! I use these ALL the time in place of parchment paper.

  • Cookie scoops! I always use my OXO Good Grips Medium Cookie Scoop and large scoops when baking cookies. I also love the large cookie scoop for cupcakes. Using a cookie scoop helps ensure even dough, which means consistent baking time. Since these are dishwasher safe, it is that much easier to clean up!

  • Surprising, my Candy Thermometer comes in handy more than I would have thought. It is essential for making Swiss Meringue Buttercream . It’s also great for homemade caramel and melted chocolate. I didn’t even realize how inexpensive they are!
  • The OXO Good Grips Dough Blender is essential. It makes cutting the butter into the flour that much easier. Then pop it in the dishwasher. Easy peasy.
  • When I started making homemade bread and scones, I started using my OXO Good Grips Scraper & Chopper. It cuts through dough with ease, and can also help clean your work space.  I also use this to help smooth out the edges of my cakes!
  • The  Chef’s Torch with Fuel Gauge is not as common of kitchen utensil unless you like making creme burlee but it’s great for toasting meruigne and marshmallows
  • Oven thermometer! The most common issue I see in baking it incorrect oven temperatures. My oven takes an additional 20 minutes after the beep to actually preheat to that temperature
  • Every baker loves a good quality vanilla and you can honestly never have to much! I use vanilla extract most frequently but sometimes I love to switch it up and use my vanilla bean paste! It’s like gold.

vanilla extract
My Favorite Decorating Tools- perfect stocking stuffers!

More fun items for cake and cupcake bakers! 

My Favorite Baking Pans- every baker must have!

Well that’s what I got for you folks today! I am sure you favorite baker would love any one of these items!

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2 comments on “25 Gifts for Baker’s under $25”

  1. Avatar photo
    Kristi @ Inspiration Kitchen

    What a great list! I definitely need the Chef’s Torch with Fuel Gauge. That’s on my list this year!

  2. Great ideas! I would certainly love a candy thermometer, use my old one all the time so a digital one would be nice…. 🙂