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Poke Cakes

A homemade poke cake is a one-way ticket to an ultra-moist dessert. I love this Strawberry Poke Cake, this Chocolate Poke Cake, and this scandalously delicious Better Than Sex Cake!

Why is it called a poke cake? That’s half the fun! A poke cake starts out like your average sheet cake recipe. Only after it’s baked, you poke holes in the top with a wooden spoon.

Next, something delicious and liquidy like pudding, caramel – you name it – gets poured over the top. The topping seeps into the holes to make the cake super moist and flavorful. It’s honestly impossible to resist!

Latest Poke Cake Ideas

Not sure where to start? Here are my latest poke cake recipes to kickstart your next weekend bake-a-thon.