Poke Cakes

Poke cakes are a fool-proof way to make an ultra-moist dessert. Find tons of flavor variations from Strawberry Poke Cake and Chocolate Poke Cake, to French Toast Poke Cake. Whichever one you make, it’s sure to come out perfect!

You might be wondering what a poke cake is. A poke cake is just like any other piece of cake, but it has a hole poked in it so that you can put pudding or a liquid into the cake to make it super moist and flavorful.

Poke cakes can be as simple or decadent as you want them to be. You can create a chocolate masterpiece like this Brownie Batter Poke Cake, but you can also stick to this simpler Homemade Funfetti Poke Cake. Both are equally delicious in their own ways!

Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s sure to be a poke cake to match your cravings!

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