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15+ Circus Animal Cookie Recipes

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Over 15 Circus Animal Cookie Recipes to satisfy your childhood craving! Circus Animal Cookies, Circus Animal Cheesecakes, Circus Animal Cakes and more.

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Over 15 Circus Animal Cookie Recipes to satisfy your childhood craving! Circus Animal Cookies, Circus Animal Cheesecakes, Circus Animal Cakes and more.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but be obsessed with those white and pink frosted circus animal cookies. These are very nostalgic for me, so whenever I get my hands on some, you know I am over in the corner hoarding them to myself. Maybe it’s the sprinkle, I dunno.

The first time I brought a bag home to make a recipe, my fiance also confessed his undying love for these magical cookies, and I knew it was meant to be. In fact, I recall him telling me that I needed to get them out of the house or they might magically disappear. Magic I tell you.

After making several recipes with these cookies, I decided that I should probably share my obsession with you, my friends.  Turns out there are some pretty stellar recipes out there created by my fellow blogging friends and I am so happy to share those with you as well. There’s over 15 recipes here all featuring your favorite pink frosted cookies. You’re welcome!

Circus Animal Cookie Frosting

A close up shot of a cupcake with a pink wrapper, frosted and decorated with a Circus animal cookie and sprinkles

Circus Animal Brookies

4 stacked brookie bars with frosting and sprinkles

Circus Animal Stuffed Sugar Cookies

A close up of a sugar cookie with a pink Circus Animal Cookie in the middle

Circus Animal Cookie Cake

How fun is this Circus Animal Cookie Cake? This cake is layers of vanilla cake, vanilla frosting and Circus Animal Cookies with a pink chocolate ganache. There’s a lot of pink and definitely some sprinkles.

Circus Animal Cookie Donuts


Circus Animal Fudge

Circus Animal Fudge

Frosted Animal Cracker Bark
by Cookie dough and Oven mitt


Frosted Animal Cookie Cheesecake
by Life Love and Sugar


Circus Animal Cookie Dough Truffle Bars

Circus Animal Cookie Dough Truffle Bars

Frosted Circus Animal Doughnuts
by Sprinkle for Breakfast


No-Bake Frosted Circus Animal Cookie Cheesecake
by Sam from


Frosted Animal Cookie Muddy Buddies
by Inside Bru Crew Life


Frosted Circus Animal Bark Recipe
by Sugar and Cloth


Circus Animal Cookie Blondies
by Sweet ReciPEAs 


Circus Animal Cookies and Sprinkles Ice Cream
by Your Home Based Mom


Circus Animal Cookie Macarons
by Sarah Makes Stuff


Circus Animal Popcorn
by Two Sister Camping


Circus Animal Cookie Rice Krispie Treats
by 365 Days of Baking


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