Eggnog Cream Pie Parfaits
Brownie Brittle Smores Cupcake
Sweet potato puffs
Beyond Frosting
Sweet potato mallow
Fruit Round 2

Round 2- BHG Ultimate Baking Challenge

Hey again! I dropped into see you twice in one day! Thanks to everyone who voted for me in round one! I advanced into the second round of the Better Homes and Gardens Ultimate Baking Challenge and today I am up against Marla from Family Fresh Cooking. The winner of this round will head to […]

Apple cheesecake pastry

Apple Cheesecake Croissant

These Apple Cheesecake Croissants will make your mouth water. A pastry with a brown sugar and cinnamon cream cheese spread  is stuffed with apple pie filling and baked to perfection. T-minus one day until our vacation starts! Can you believe it’s already time for Thanksgiving? We will be taking our annual trip to Colorado for […]

Eggnog poke cake

Ultimate Eggnog Poke Cake

I guess you could say I am on a bit of an eggnog kick! Ever since I picked up my first carton of the season, my refrigerator has not been empty. Monday, I shared Eggnog Cream Pie Parfaits. This is what started my eggnog dessert obsession. It continues today with this Ultimate Eggnog Poke Cake. […]

Eggnog Cream Pie Parfaits

Spiked Eggnog Cream Pie Parfaits

These Eggnog Cream Pies are the best way to enjoy the holiday beverage as a dessert. A buttery graham cracker crust filled with a heavenly Eggnog Mousse and topped with whipped cream It’s official, I am addicted to Scandal. I have been talking about watching it for awhile, but now that I have started, I […]

Sweet potato puffs

Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash Puffs

What? Another sweet potato recipe? That’s right! I told you guys I LOVE sweet potatoes and now I can’t stop. First, I fell in love with my Sweet Potato Cake, and then I shared my favorite Thanksgiving side dish, a Mashed Sweet Potato Mallow. Oh and I can’t forget about this ice cream! Today I’ve got […]

Beyond Frosting

Cranberry Orange Bread – BHG Ultimate Baking Challenge

Today is such an exciting day for me! I have the opportunity to participate in the Better Home and Gardens Ultimate Baking Challenge. It is a “sweet sixteen” style match up. There are four categories: cinnamon, fruit, peppermint and chocolate. My category is fruit. Here is the catch though, voting is only open for one […]

Sweet potato mallow

Mashed Sweet Potato Mallow Jars

Whether you enjoy this as a dessert or a side dish, the Mashed Sweet Potato Mallow is a staple at the Thanksgiving table. This will be my sixth year spending Thanksgiving in Colorado with my family. Six years ago, my mom and I decided to it would be fun to join my brother in Colorado […]


BHG Cooking Experience Recap

We started the evening with a tour of the Better Homes and Gardens test garden and test kitchen. Yes, they have a year round garden on site. I was fortunate enough to have had a very thorough tour of the testing kitchen and photo studio during my visit with the Iowa Corn Growers but I […]

Cramberry apple pie

Cranberry Apple Pie

I can’t believe I don’t have more pie recipes on my blog. I guess it’s because I don’t make a ton of pies at home, but I certainly like to eat them! I got a new pie plate recently, so I am eager to try it out on a few holiday recipes! Let’s start with […]